Retroactively Pay Me For Content I Willingly Created For Free

By Ian Stroud

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UPDATE 4/18:

Good Friday, StroudFunders, I wanted to give an update! I was interviewed by Writtalin earlier this week, so make sure the check out the interview here!

If you prefer video updates, take a look here:



 I’ve written, directed, shot, filmed and edited lots of content for free. Now I’m seeking compensation for my past work.

I am a content creator.

For years, I have focused on creating sketches, short films, web series’, and many other types of media. I have always prided myself on releasing quality content into the world on any project I’m involved in, whether I was Director of Photography, Writer, Director, or all three. Nearly all of this work was done for free, using my own equipment, my own props, my own locations, and capitalized on the free labor of other talented artists and collaborators.

I want paid for this work. To be clear, I am not asking for money to fund a future project. I am asking to be compensated for work I have done in the past, because I really like it and think I should be paid for it.

A Small Portion of the Content I Have Created For Free


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    All previous rewards, PLUS I will shoot a walk-on role for you and splice it into an existing piece of content,

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    All the previous rewards, PLUS Walk-on role in premiere party scene of Web Series About Premiere Parties.

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    All of the previous rewards, PLUS Invitation to the StroudFunding Was a Success party.

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    All previous rewards, PLUS dinner with the content creator.

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